Ingenio Santa Ana secures Bonsucro certification

10th July 2020

Compañía Agrícola Industrial Santa Ana S.A. is a mill in Guatemala that produces sugar, molasses and electricity. It has a vision of becoming a leading organization in the Guatemalan sugar agribusiness, committed to its clients, society and the environment. It maintains the sustainability of the business, through operational and financial efficiency generating well-being for its  shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers and the country in general. And, it is the latest organisation to achieve Bonsucro certification.

Ingenio Santa Ana has an average of 4,000 people in the sugar harvest, or zafra period, and an average of 2,000 for the rest of the year. The Bonsucro certification was sought to satisfy customer requirements and to help maintain Ingenio Santa Ana’s name in both domestic and international markets.

The work to gain the Bonsucro certification was coordinated by the Quality Management Area but was supported by all the administrative and operational departments included in the scope of the certification.

To comply with the Bonsucro Production Standard, Ingenio Santa Ana made some positive changes to its social and environmental policies. For example, the conditions in the fields were improved so that workers have a better place to rest in the shade and a closer supply of drinking water. In addition, a risk analysis was undertaken that helped to identify where on farms workers are required to use personal protective equipment.

To improve on environmental factors, Ingenio Santa Ana implemented waste recycling procedures in both the field and in the industrial plant. In addition, training processes have also been improved across all levels of the company.

The indicators used in the Bonsucro Production Standard have helped Ingenio Santa Ana to standardise its operations and use resources more efficiently. This has given the team a vision to expand its international market and maintain business sustainability.