Greenergy achieves Chain of Custody certification

1st July 2021


Greenergy Brasil Trading S.A. has become the latest ‘trader’ member to achieve a Bonsucro Chain of Custody certificate.

Greenergy imports and exports ethanol, diesel and gasoline. The company was established in Brazil in 2010, with an initial focus of exporting and importing ethanol. However, in 2015 it also started to import diesel and gasoline.

Greenergy Brasil pursued Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification to export Brazilian ethanol from Bonsucro certified mills to Europe.

Danielle Palmieri, Import and Export Coordinator, was responsible for implementing all processes and procedures required for the Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification. To meet the indicators, Danielle Palmieri and the team implemented new ways to manage processes such as spreadsheets and new documentation. These ensure that all records are kept and which helped to meet the requirements to obtain the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard.

Danielle Palmieri commented that “Being Bonsucro certified is important for us because it shows how much we value the importance of sustainability.” Looking ahead, Greenergy would like to support and develop more sustainable actions while also showing that sustainability has a positive impact to the society, economy, and future generations.