Governance update

24th February 2022
Bonsucro Members’ Council Elections

The Bonsucro Members’ Council is a central governance body, responsible for advising the Bonsucro Board of Directors and providing members’ input. Every year Bonsucro’s members elect peers to join the Members’ council

There will be four vacancies in this year’s Members’ Council election. These will be in the following membership classes:

Civil society Class: 2 seats

Industrial Class: 1 seat

Intermediary/Trader Class: 1 seat

Instructions on how to vote in the Member’s Council elections were sent to Bonsucro members by the Secretariat on Monday 21 February 2022. Voting will close Friday 11 March 2022. Elected representatives will be appointed at the March 2022 Members’ Council Meeting.

*Note: all deadlines above are at 5pm GMT of the given day in the UK.


Note on the position of Melanie Rutten- Sülz in the Board of Directors

There was recently a request for clarification about the fact that one of our independent Directors of the Board, Melanie Rutten-Sülz, is an employee of Solidaridad – one of our civil society members. We would like to clarify that Melanie has been serving as one of the four independent directors of the Board of Bonsucro in her private capacity since the beginning of 2018. She started working for Solidaridad Germany in April 2020. After discussing her independent role with both Bonsucro and Solidaridad in 2021, it was agreed that she would continue as a Director of Bonsucro. Stakeholders are reminded that Bonsucro Directors are bound by a Conflict of Interest Policy Declaration.