Consultation launched on Smallholder Standard & Calculator

29th January 2018

Bonsucro is pleased to launch a public consultation on the draft Smallholder Standard and Calculator and invites you to participate!

Smallholder farmers have an incredibly important role in cane production globally and the farms are in many unique environments. Bonsucro has worked with members to develop a draft standard and calculator to be applicable for smallholder farmers to use for improving sustainability practices as well as apply for Bonsucro Certification. The Bonsucro Production Standard and Calculator for Smallholder Farmers are new standards and will be used in addition to the current Bonsucro Production Standard and Bonsucro Calculator.

The review of the Bonsucro Production Standard in the smallholder context included the following:

  • Participation from 50+ members and stakeholders in online consultations
  • Workshops at Bonsucro Technical Week in Mexico, India, and Thailand
  • On-farm visits for smallholder feedback in India, Brazil, Thailand, and Mexico
  • Input and leadership from the Smallholder Steering Committee

As a full member of ISEAL, we have conducted this process in line with the ISEAL Standard Setting Code for Good Practice, you can read more about the development process here.

Draft Bonsucro Standard and Calculator for Smallholder Farmers

Participate in the Consultation: