Organisation is a Bonsucro Member and is applying for Bonsucro certification

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You can report the actions of an organisation who has been approved as a Bonsucro member and is now applying for its sugarcane mill, farm, and/or processing/trading/purchasing site to become certified to Bonsucro standards.

      • Contact the Bonsucro Member via their own Grievance Mechanism

        Please note:

              • All organisations approved to be a Bonsucro member must have a Grievance Mechanism and/or work with an external grievance mechanism as per as per Bonsucro Code of Conduct Implementation Guidelines (Roles and Responsibilities > 3. Commit & Act > Respect for Human Rights > J.)
              • Therefore, your first point of call (when possible) should be to raise the allegation / complaint via this organisation’s own Grievance Mechanism.

      • Contact the Certification Body or Bonsucro (prior to the audit)

        Please note:

          • Either contact the Certification Body directly with your allegation/complaint about this sugarcane mill, farmer, processor, buyer.
          • Each Certification Body has developed their own procedures: access here
          • or contact Bonsucro and we will pass on the information to the Certification Body. You can contact Bonsucro via email at info@bonsucro.comPlease indicate the following information, as a minimum:
                • Email title: Allegation regarding [name of the farm/mill/site]
                • Name of the sugarcane mill, farmer, processor.. whose actions you wish to report
                • Name of your organisation (if applicable)
                • Nature of the allegation
                • Have you reported this information via another mechanism (police, NGOs, Member’s Grievance Mechanism..)

            Bonsucro will acknowledge receipt and confirm the information has been passed on to the Certification Body within 5 business days.

      • File a formal complaint in line with the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism Rules

        Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism Rules are here

        Please note:

            • Only complaints within the scope defined in the Grievance Mechanism Rules, and submitted in accordance with the Grievance Mechanism Rules will be considered
            • This process is independently managed by CEDR therefore all complaints must be submitted directly to CEDR
            • The number of cases handled by CEDR per calendar year is dependent on financing, see FAQ.