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24th February 2022

Have your say: bioplastics sustainability policy

Biobased, biodegradable, and compostable plastics currently make up 1% of...

21st February 2022

Raízen recebe sua 24ª Certificação no Padrão de Produção Bonsucro

Nosso membro, Raízen, obteve a certificação no Padrão de Produção...

21st February 2022

Raízen receives its 24th Bonsucro Production Standard Certification

(Credit: Raízen) Our member, Raízen, has achieved the Bonsucro Production...

13th December 2019

Bonsucro and Fairtrade collaborate to maximise their impact in sugarcane

From February 2017 to April 2019 Bonsucro and Fairtrade collaborated for the...

22nd November 2019

Tetra Pak launches packaging using Bonsucro-certified sustainable sugarcane

Bonsucro has partnered with Tetra Pak and their supplier Braskem making Tetra...