Call for proposals: Expanding and optimising trade in Bonsucro credits

11th April 2023

Photo by Joe Woodruff

Bonsucro is looking for an experienced business development consultant to support its team by providing analysis, advice and recommendations around how it can expand and optimise trade in Bonsucro credits.  


Bonsucro certified materials can be sourced through two different supply chain models: Mass-balance and Bonsucro credits, bought and sold on the Credit Trading Platform (CTP).

A Bonsucro credit is proof that a unit of sugarcane, raw sugar, ethanol or molasses has been sustainably produced according to Bonsucro’s Production Standard.

Bonsucro would like to further improve the performance of the credit trading platform as outlined in its Strategic Plan 2021-26 and create additional incentives and value for certified producers and to support investment into the Bonsucro Impact Fund.  We are looking for the services of an experienced business development consultant to identify strategies to promote the expansion and optimisation of the sale of Bonsucro credits via the CTP. 

The Scope and Objectives of the Consultancy

  • analyse the performance of Bonsucro credits, the business rules of the CTP and the overall management approach of the credit trading system
  • survey the current and potential users of the CTP
  • engage with end user companies and key stakeholders
  • look at the performance of Bonsucro credits against that of peer commodity organisations

Deadline for submissions is 24 May 2023. The work is expected to be carried out between 1 June and 15 August 2023. 

Download the call for proposals here.