Call for Proposals: Bonsucro Production Draft Standard V5.02 Pilot Audits

29th March 2021

Bonsucro is in the process of revising its Production Standard, guidance to the Production Standard, Bonsucro calculator, Certification Protocol and developing new documents, such as the auditor guidance and auditor checklist.

As part of Bonsucro’s commitment to revise the standard according to ISEAL standard setting code, Bonsucro is seeking to contract Licenced Certification Bodies to carry out pilot audits against the draft Standard.

Why are pilot audits important?

  1. Enable us to test how clear and understandable the requirements of the standard and guidance documents are
  2. Test the auditability of the Standard – how clear / useful are the requirements for verifying compliance based on the goal of the indicator
  3. Assess the positive / negative impact of the changes to the production standard and guidance documents on the certification service. (proving a timely quality check, experience on time management, duplication, flow, etc).

To find out more, download the call for proposals here. If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact Nahuel Tunon at

The deadline to submit is 9 April 2021.