Bonsucro Production Standard Version 4.2 – Extension of validity date until 1 December 2023

26th October 2022

Bonsucro Production Standard Version 4.2

Extension of validity date until 1 December 2023 

Bonsucro, as instructed by its Board of Directors, has extended the validity date of the Bonsucro Production Standard (BPS) version 4.2 until the 1st of December 2023. This decision was made to:

  • facilitate the transition of operators and mills to the new standard (BPS Version 5.1) by giving them more time to prepare, and
  • provide additional time to finalise the Interim Revision of BPS Version 5.1, to improve the clarity of requirements within the standard and its alignment with the Implementation Guide.

The Bonsucro Production Standard version 5.1 can also be used in the interim period and should, together with the Transition Policy, be chosen where possible, providing valuable feedback to the secretariat. Bonsucro is developing a policy and process for the implementation of standard 5.2. In the interim, Bonsucro will allow audits against v4.2 starting on or before 1st December 2023. Audits starting after 1st December 2023 shall be carried out against the new version of the Standard. Certification Protocol version 6.0 also applies.


Why this decision? 

The Bonsucro Production Standard is at the heart of everything Bonsucro does. It sets out a definition of what sustainable sugarcane production should look like.

BPS version 5.1 is progressive and keeps Bonsucro at the forefront of sustainably in sugarcane and agriculture. It was launched in January 2022 following a two-year development process which was run in compliance with the ISEAL codes.  Members were given a transition period until September 2022, while Bonsucro undertook an interim revision, based on the feedback received from our stakeholders since its launch in January 2022.  The interim revision has taken longer than expected, and a number of issues have been raised by members regarding the new Standard.

Bonsucro has heard the membership and believes this extra time will enable operators and mills to better prepare for the transition and meet the new criteria in Version 5.1 of our standard in an effective and efficient way.  It is important to note that this is not a full revision of version 5.1 but is limited to clarifications and improvements.


What are the implications of this decision? 

Bonsucro is working on the details of this decision for its own operations, as well as exploring the implications of the decision for different stakeholders. We will soon come back with more information within one month.

If you have concerns about this decision or want to share your comments with us, please feel free to contact