Bonsucro is looking for a new Board Chair & Board Director

2nd September 2019

We regret to inform our stakeholders that our Board Chair, Géraldine Kutas will be resigning from the Board as she is taking up a new role in a different industry and will be unable to commit to the additional time required from the Chair of Bonsucro.

Géraldine has served as a Board member for three years, and has been the Chair since June 2018.  She has agreed to stay as Chair until January 2020 and oversee the recruitment and transition of a replacement. During this time, Géraldine will excuse herself from any sensitive issues that could provoke a conflict of interest with her new role.

The Board have started their search for a new Chair, along with an additional Board Director.

The role descriptions are available here:

If you would like to discuss the positions or submit an application please email before 20 September 2019.

Find out more about Bonsucro’s governance here.