Bonsucro Inspire Award Nominees for Inspiring Sustainability Partnerships

22nd February 2019

There’s just 16 days to go until the Bonsucro Inspire Awards ceremony – sponsored by ACT Commodities – at Bonsucro Global Week.

During the run-up to the ceremony we’re announcing the nominees for each Bonsucro Inspire Award category. Categories include:

  • Ground Breaking Innovations
  • Inspiring Sustainability Partnerships
  • Positive Social Impact
  • Excellence in Sugarcane Sustainability Communications

This week we start with the award nominees for inspiring sustainability partnerships in sustainable sugarcane.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations – the diversity and strength of the nominations are testament to the commitment of many individuals and organisations to sustainable sugarcane around the world.

The Inspire Award for Inspiring Sustainability Partnerships:

Collaboration is key to success. The judging process is looking for nominations of partnerships that resulted in a significant shift towards more sustainable production and/or processing of sugarcane in a certain region or country.

The Nominations:

> E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited and WWF: Decision Support System – Farmer Connect App

In partnering with WWF, E.I.D. Parry developed a decision support system along with the Farmer Connect app.The partnership is in India’s Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states. The decision support tool helps E.I.D. Parry make better decisions around water management and their carbon footprint, whilst enabling them to draw up action plans to mitigate and reduce environmental risk.

For the Farmer Connect app, E.I.D. Parry worked with sugarcane farmers to address real time data that supports the farmers’ requirement from sowing sugarcane to harvesting it. The app even includes financials attached to each function.

> Fundación del Azúcar (Fundazucar)

This partnership, called ‘Good Agricultural Practices/Bonsucro in Action’ was formed to improve the environmental management of the El Jocotal and Olomega lagoons in Eastern El Salvador.Fundazucar and Grupo CASSA, with the help of the two state agencies – El Salvador’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources/Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) – took on the conservation of the two Ramsar sites.

Sugarcane is one of the main crops surrounding the two lagoons. Through this initiative, Fundazucar has promoted good agricultural practices among their growers, and have adjusted the programme to include capacity building focussed on the project implementation area.

> DCM Shriram Ltd: Meetha Sona Unnati

DCM Shriram LTD (DSL) is an agri-processing and chemical manufacturer, based in India, and their project takes place in Hardoi and Lakhimpur Kheri districts (Uttar Pradesh State).

DSL partnered with farmers, the IFC, Solidaridad and Coca-Cola and other organisations on the Meetha Sona Unnati project, to improve smallholder growing practices and yields and address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The initiative centres around training and capacity building of farmers, water use efficiency improvements, soil health management, mechanisation, and good agricultural practices.

The partnership is also attempting to build a robust business case for the farmers with regards to adopting water efficient techniques and good agronomic practices in the field

> Mitr Phol, TRR-Saraburi, Corbion, and Total Corbion PLA

Mitr Phol is the world’s fourth-largest sugar producer and a supplier to Corbion since Corbion started operations at its lactic acid manufacturing site in Thailand in 2007.

TRR Group is one of Thailand’s longest established sugar milling companies and second-largest sugar group in the country. Saraburi Sugar is one of the largest mills within TRR group and a supplier to Corbion since 2010.

Together with Total Corbion, these three groups partnered to increase awareness in Thailand about sustainability and the importance of sustainable sugarcane production. The partnership focusses on promoting modern agricultural methods and rigorous sustainability practices through training and financial investments.

> CANEGROWERS & Behaviour Innovation

Project Cane Changer is an initiative led by the Queensland Cane Growers Organisation (CANEGROWERS) in partnership with Behaviour Innovation. Project Cane Changer is an evidence-based behaviour change program for the Queensland sugar industry that is designed to better understand growers, set the record straight and help increase adoption of best management farming practices using Smartcane BMP.

The Queensland sugarcane industry is currently facing challenges around water quality and the sustainability of the industry. Run-off from cane farms, especially nutrients and pesticides, are linked to poor water quality affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

The primary objective of Project Cane Changer is to utilise psychological science to enhance innovation and the adoption of best management farming practices (Smartcane BMP) within the cane industry.

> Adelante Initiative

The Adelante Initiative is a historic collaboration between founding partners La Isla Network (LIN), Ingenio San Antonio (ISA) and the Nicaraguan Sugar Producers Association (CNPA) and Bonsucro. Significant support and coordination has been provided by the German Development Institution, DEG.

The primary aim of partnership is to create viable and validated workplace improvements for field workers in the sugarcane industry that mitigate and ideally prevent the onset of kidney disease in the workforce. In doing so the initiative aims to also be improving overall occupational safety and health among field workers in the sugarcane industry and eventually beyond.

The Adelante Initiative provides a platform to evaluate work practices and improve them with the best possible data, and aims to provide those learnings in a pre-competitive space via Bonsucro and other platforms, so that all stakeholders may benefit regionally and globally.

> Durlave Roy / Northern Agro Services

Mr Durlave Roy is an agricultural professional working with global farmers regarding appropriate uses of fertiliser inputs in sustainable agricultural crop cultivation. Northern Agro Services is based in Bangladesh, and produce organic fertilisers, crop-based balanced fertiliser and NPKS fertiliser.

The company aims to provide farmers with technologically sophisticated sugarcane fertilisers that meets and exceeds their crops’ nutrition needs, and reduces their use of chemical fertilisers. According to their nomination, Northern Agro Services’ recent innovation – Northern Balanced Fertilizer for Sugarcane – has shown to improve yields by 36%.

> Godavari Biorefineries

Godavari Biorefinaries are based in Mumbai, India, and produce sugar as well as other foods, biofuels, chemicals, renewable energy, waxes, and other products, using sugarcane.

Godavari have been nominated for their work in India’s Karnataka state with the K.J Somaiya Institute of Applied Agricultural Research (KIAAR). This partnership is aimed at enabling growers of sugarcane to grow in a sustainable manner.

Their efforts include training, researching cane varieties, intercropping and promoting drip irrigation. The group has also been nominated for their corporate social responsibility initiatives, which has given and facilitated over 38,000 bursaries.

Upcoming Nomination Announcements

We’ll be announcing nominees for each category, every week leading up to Bonsucro Global Week.

Award nominations still to be announced:

  • Positive social impact
  • Excellence in sugarcane sustainability communications

Judging criteria

> Specific contribution

> Collaboration with others

> Impact

> Learning which others can build on












ACT Commodities has partnered with Bonsucro for the Bonsucro Inspire Awards 2019.ACT works with Bonsucro members to facilitate Bonsucro Credit purchases between certified sugarcane mills and companies, creating value through simplicity for all parties involved. In turn, this helps them with their strategy, operations, marketing and translating the impact of their action from the producer to the end customer.

The Bonscuro Inspire Awards recognise significant contributions towards achieving the Bonsucro mission: responsible sugarcane production creating lasting value for the people, communities, businesses, economies and eco-systems in all cane growing origins.
“ACT is delighted to sponsor the Bonsucro Inspire Awards 2019. Recognising those people and organisations who are striving for a sustainable sugarcane industry is crucial. For us it is a true honour to support these diverse set of committed actors through these Awards.”

– Jaap Janssen, CEO, ACT Commodities.

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