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Sugarcane-derived products have complex global supply chains that are difficult to map and monitor, which can be a major barrier to becoming more sustainable. Bonsucro Connect is an online tool powered by SupplyShift, a sustainable supply chain technology platform, that helps members understand, monitor, and improve their supply chains.

Bonsucro Connect has a selection of features designed to support Bonsucro membership such as the digital due diligence self-assessment and continuous improvement reports. It can also assist the certification journey with the option of using the Bonsucro Calculator functionality.

To make the platform accessible for all our members, Bonsucro Connect is available in 15 languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sugar Mapping

Bonsucro’s Sugar Mapping Tool is available via the Bonsucro Connect platform. This is a digital tool to help companies improve sustainable sugarcane sourcing by mapping and assessing suppliers against key environmental, human rights, and value chain performance indicators.

Sugar Mapping has been developed as a partnership between Bonsucro and SupplyShift, where Bonsucro’s expertise in sustainability in sugarcane is combined with SupplyShift’s technology to provide valuable data, analytics, and visualisations for sustainable sugarcane performance.

It complements Bonsucro certification and can also be used for non-certified sugarcane, ethanol, molasses, and bagasse supply chains. The Sugar Mapping tool offers companies crucial insights into performance along every tier of their value chain and enables them to make informed choices about their sugarcane sourcing.

End users send the pre-designed questionnaire to their suppliers. They can choose whether to focus on their Tier One immediate suppliers or trace all the way back to the mill. The data collected from the questionnaire is presented on a digital dashboard which integrates with Bonsucro Connect.

This assessment allows end users to identify gaps and risks then consider where suppliers might need guidance to improve. Overall, the tool is designed to drive continuous improvements and support supplier engagement. It offers members useful and shareable metrics to inform their sustainability strategies, communications and ESG reporting.

Each company can customise its own risk ratings. There is also the option to add integration with the Maplecroft risk data base.

Download a summary of the Sugar Mapping tool here.

Webinar – Sugar mapping: managing risks in your supply chain

Bonsucro’s Membership Manager, Rafael Seixas, and Jamie Barsimantov, COO at SupplyShift, came together to talk about this new innovative and practical tool. They were also joined by Madeleine Eilert, Global Sustainability Leader for Sugar & Coconut at Nestlé, who helped develop the tool. In this webinar, they explore how the tool can provide insights into performance from every tier of the value chain. Attendees heard about how the tool aims to drive change and create more resilient supply chains by helping buyers consider where suppliers might need guidance to improve.


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