Bonsucro Buyer Group issues message to market

1st December 2017

Bonsucro is excited to issue the following statement on behalf of the Buyer Accelerator Group of Bonsucro. The statement will streamline and clarify sustainability expectations from buyers in the sugarcane sector to promote increased focus on continuous improvement and credible verification.

“As Bonsucro members committed to sourcing sustainable sugarcane products, we encourage and will support improvements in our supply chain. We encourage you as suppliers/processors to:
  1. Participate in the Bonsucro platform and work with your supply chain partners to identify key issues impacting sustainable production of sugar and sugarcane.
  2. Participate in a Bonsucro accelerator and regional programs or develop your own action plans to deliver meaningful, verifiable sustainability related improvements. The ultimate goal of any program should be to drive environmental, social, and economic outcomes with positive impact at the farm, mill, and community levels.
  3. Verify (through certification or other assurance) your sugarcane-related products to the most widely accepted, credible, and feasible system. Bonsucro Certification and Bonsucro Endorsed schemes demonstrating continuous improvement are preferred verification systems, and in many cases are specifically required by some end users. We also encourage you to participate in Bonsucro origin programs to demonstrate continuous improvement. Any program and verification should demonstrate continuous improvement.
  4. Work with us on this journey, as we anticipate celebrating your success.”
Buyer Accelerator Group

Want to learn more?

  • Bonsucro: To find out more about the message or the Buyer Accelerator Group, please contact Kevin Ogorzalek