Bonsucro at the WABCG Conference Brazil

17th June 2019

WABCG Brazil - BonsucroFrom 3-6 June, Bonsucro’s Regional Coordinator Brazil, Livia Ignácio, attended the 13th WABCG Conference Brazil, held in the city of Ribeirão Preto. The conference was organised by Orplana, an organisation representing Brazilian farmers. Orplana recently became one of Bonsucro’s newest members from Brazil.

Livia presented on certification of raw material for sugar production, having showed data on sustainability certifications for the largest agricultural commodities and the positive impact of Bonsucro certification on the sugarcane sector.

This was the first time the event has taken place in Brazil, with the participation of 150 sugarcane and sugar beet leaders. WABCG has 36 member associations from 34 different countries, bringing together five million sugarcane producers and 650,000 sugar beet growers from 5 continents within a single forum, being present in 34 countries, producing 60% of the world’s sugarcane and sugar beet.

Orplana – the Organization of Cane Planters of the Center-South Region of Brazil – was founded in 1976, with the objective of organizing the class of producers and increasing their representativeness in Brazil and abroad. It has the second highest productivity in the world, covering more than 500 municipalities and 850 thousand hectares, with a production of 60 million tons of sugarcane, encompassing 32 associations of suppliers of sugarcane, and represents 16,000 suppliers of sugarcane in the entire central-southern region of Brazil.

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