Bonsucro Technical Week: Announcing dates around the globe

20th March 2017

Join a Bonsucro Technical Week near you

Bonsucro is pleased to announce a set of dates for Bonsucro Technical Weeks around the globe in 2017/2018.

Bonsucro Technical Weeks are events aimed at increasing technical knowledge, connecting with peers and introducing new tools and resources. They include introduction training, auditor/expert qualification training, an introduction to Bonsucro Connect , Technical Experience Sharing sessions, and field trips. See below for dates for Technical Weeks around the globe.

Upcoming Technical Weeks


East Africa




South Africa

What’s Included in the week?

  • Introduction Training: Introduction to the Bonsucro Certification System, including the Bonsucro Production Standard and the Bonsucro Calculator
  • Auditor/Expert Qualification Training: This training supports qualification for Lead Auditors, Technical Managers, Consultants and Trainers. It concludes with an exam that is graded by Bonsucro
  • Technical Experience Sharing: Come and share your successes and debate how to develop solutions for common issues
  • Bonsucro Connect: Introducing the new cloud-based IT Tool to enhance engagement with the Production and Chain of Custody Standards. Understand how it will work and give feedback in a consultation
  • Field Trip: Bonsucro will work with local producers to provide a ‘real world’ tour of the certification system in a local mill

Translation: The events will be held in English with local interpretation available when appropriate.

How much does it cost?

  • Introduction Training: USD $300
  • Expert/Auditor Qualification Training: USD $1065
    • Bonsucro Members are eligible for an additional 10% discount on the price of registration
  • Consultation/Local Guidance Workshop: Free
  • Field Trip: USD $100

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Support Technical Week

Do you want to support change in the sugarcane sector? Bonsucro offers exclusive options for those looking to increase technical capacity in countries. Contact us at ( or +44 (0) 203 735 8917 for further information.