Celebrating 300 members!

1st March 2023

It has been a fantastic start to 2023 for Bonsucro, as we just celebrated 300 members in our global community. Sugar manufacturer and trader Thanh Thanh Cong – Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company is not only our 300th member; it’s also our very first member from Vietnam.

Our purpose is to accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane. Since 2005, we have built a network that represents the entire sugarcane supply chain.

Who are Bonsucro members?

We connect farmers, mills, buyers, end users and civil society organisations to work together to create sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains.

Membership includes nine categories: farmer, farmer association, industrial, mill association, intermediary, trader, end user, franchise credit buyer and civil society.

Bonsucro membership categories

In the last few years, biomaterial companies and rum producers accounted for a large part of new members. This reflects the trend to diversify the sugarcane value chain into newer markets.

As these newer markets tend to have longer supply chains than food companies, we’ve also seen a large increase in trader and intermediary members. This year, we’re expecting to see more growth in our membership from newer sugarcane markets such as biomaterials and rum.

Collectively, the team will continue making efforts to recruit more members in the sugar sector – particularly among refineries, traders, and buyers in key markets like North America and Europe.

A global community

Map of Bonsucro members around the world

Bonsucro membership around the world

Bonsucro has members in 56 countries. Membership continues to reach new countries, some of the recent ones being Jamaica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand, Mauritius and Vietnam.

Brazil has seen steady growth year on year and is the largest country in our membership, with 61 members to date.

Mexico has also been gaining momentum; this producing country saw the largest number of new memberships in 2021, and continued to grow since, with 3 new members.

Benefits of Bonsucro membership

By joining us, companies can:

  • Help make the sugarcane sector more sustainable and work towards achieving the SDGs.
  • Collaborate on impact projects to address key sustainability issues in sugarcane, such as supporting smallholder farming communities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and apply for funding.
  • Benefit from the reputation of a credible global network.
  • Work towards our globally recognised standards for sustainable sugarcane and apply for Bonsucro certification
  • Buy or sell on the Credit Trading Platform, a revolutionary tool that connects sugarcane producers and buyers.
  • Access technical advice, practical tools and resources on sustainability in sugarcane production and supply chains.
  • Receive dedicated membership support from the Bonsucro team around the globe.
  • Get preferential access to Bonsucro events, including discounts and opportunities to both speak and sponsor, and to member-only webinars on vital sustainability topics.

Connecting sustainable production and sourcing

We want to help companies create a responsible, resilient sugarcane supply chain. Thousands of farmers and producers around the world are already offering certified sustainable sugarcane.

Buyers can support them and meet their responsible procurement targets by purchasing larger volumes of certified sugarcane, raw sugar, refined sugar, molasses, ethanol and more – or by starting to purchase certified materials.

Learn more about certification or get in touch with our team at info@bonsucro.com to discuss how you can increase your certified sugarcane sourcing.

Not a member yet?

If your company isn’t a Bonsucro member – no matter which part of the sugarcane supply chain you’re in, no matter the size or nature of your business – if you want to take the next logical step of your sustainability journey, we would love to have you on board.

To begin your membership journey, visit our membership page or contact us at membership@bonsucro.com.