Meet Bonsucro’s New Brand Identity

Today, Bonsucro can proudly unveil our new brand identity! We’re introducing a new look and feel for Bonsucro. But, this is more than just a refreshed logo.

Bonsucro has evolved a lot since its inception nearly a decade ago, and for the past year we have been working to update Bonsucro’s strategy so that it continues to support our vision: a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains.

Our new visual identity helps to emphasise the ambitions of the organisation.

The new identity will provide us with a consistent global brand that speaks in a powerful way across all languages and regions. It demonstrates our pride in being a global community united by a common purpose and it delivers a robust reproduction across media that will ensure strong brand impact into the future.

The new logo

At the heart of the new identity is our redesigned logo. We wanted it to reconnect with the commodity at the heart of everything we, and our members, are about – sugarcane. With this in mind, the new logo features a distinctive sugarcane element, incorporating a ‘check’ mark. The logo also features a strapline to highlight what Bonsucro is about. We are: ‘The global sugarcane platform’.Bonsucro_Logo_RGB

Show your support for Bonsucro 

Bonsucro members and other stakeholders will have the ability to show their support for the organisation more easily, using the new supporter logo.

Want to feature this on your website or other communications material? Get in touch with us today.Bonsucro_Member_RGB

Certification Mark

The old Bonsucro logo also doubled as the on-packet certification mark. We’ve developed a new mark to distinguish from the organisational logo. The new mark uses the new sugarcane design, but turns it into something that is distinctive and recognisable on products. We have provided for longer descriptive claims using a message box. 

Example Bonsucro_Certified_Message_TEMPLATE-01

A change of registered name

We have also taken the opportunity to bring the registered company name in line with the Bonsucro identity, changing it from Better Sugarcane Initiative Ltd. to Bonsucro Ltd.


We will be rolling out the new branding across our materials over the coming months, culminating in a complete refresh of the Bonsucro website later this year.

The certification mark is available for certified members to use immediately – all new on-product claims will need to use the new mark, and existing artwork should be updated when possible. 

Members can also request use of the supporter logo – please contact Joe Woodruff ( to discuss your plans. 

We remind members and other stakeholders that our Communications Guidelines must be adhered to when using Bonsucro’s identity.  

We hope that you are as inspired by our new look as we are and we look forward to engaging you in the delivery of our vision and strategy.