Bonsucro Team

  • Photo - Simon Usher Bonsucro Chief Executive

    Simon Usher

    Chief Executive
    Simon was appointed Bonsucro’s Chief Executive by the Board of Directors in October 2014. Simon is responsible for all aspects of managing and developing Bonsucro including refreshing its strategic plan.
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    Dayse Groves

    Executive Assistant
    Dayse joined Bonsucro in June 2010 as Certification Co-Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating training events, management of the accreditation process for Certification Bodies including the Bonsucro Authorized Training Providers (BATPs) and implementing the quality management system.
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    Nicolas Viart

    Director, Standards & Innovation
    Nicolas currently serves at Director, Standards & Innovation. Nicolas oversees the technical knowledge of the organisation, conducting supporting audits at producing mills and supplying farms, supervising the operation of licensed certification bodies, running in-depth training on the Bonsucro Standards, and managing conformity with the ISEAL code of practices.
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  • Sven Photo

    Sven Sielhorst

    Director, Global Programmes
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  • Kevin Photo

    Kevin Ogorzalek

    Director, Impact Partnerships
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  • Matthew Sullivan

    Technology Implementation Manager
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    Rafael Seixas

    Business Effectiveness Manager
    Rafael was appointed Research & Policy Analyst in October 2012 and Business Effectiveness Manager in 2015. Rafael manages Bonsucro’s Monitoring and Evaluation System, performs and analyses research to inform stakeholder engagement activities and Bonsucro’s processes, and provides advice to continuously improve Bonsucro’s governance and policies.
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  • Anne Nistad

    Assurance Manager
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  • Miguel Photo

    Miguel Hernandez

    Regional Director, South America
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    Joe Woodruff

    Communications Manager
    Joe was appointed Communications Specialist in August 2013 and became Communications Manager in 2015. He is responsible for Bonsucro's digital & print communications output, including visual design, digital media & website management, communication campaigns, copywriting, and events management. In addition he supports Bonsucro's wider stakeholder engagement actitvities.
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  • Elena Facchini

    Impact Partnerships Manager
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  • DSC_3309_square_thumb

    Nahuel Tuñon

    Insights Analyst
    Nahuel was appointed as Latin America Specialist/Executive PA in March 2014. Nahuel is the person responsible for liaising with the members from South and Central America. He also supports the engagement activities in the region including providing linguistic, cultural and logistical support. Nahuel is also responsible for providing support to the Head of Engagement and the Head of Sustainability in their day to day endeavours.
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    Alan Ward

    Finance Manager
    Alan was appointed to the position of Accounts Assistant in April 2014, becoming Finance Manager at the beginning of 2015. Alan is responsible for Bonsucro’s bookkeeping and the financial management of the company. As well as his technical knowledge and experience in finance and accounting, Alan brings to Bonsucro a strong commercial focus gained from his experience of working with businesses from many different sectors and regions. Alan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Imperial College, London, and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Oxford.
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    Sonia Slavinski

    Standards Manager
    Sonia was appointed Standards Manager in January 2015 and is responsible for supporting members in understanding the requirements for Bonsucro certification. Sonia will be involved in centralising technical knowledge on sustainable sugarcane production for both farmers and mills, including members involved in the production of sugar, ethanol, and sugarcane-derived products.
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  • Laura Fisher

    On Purpose Associate
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  • Sandra Lynch

    Office Administrator
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