On-product Claims

Sugarcane mills who are Bonsucro members are eligible to undergo a third-party audit to verify compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard.

Once they achieve Bonsucro Certification they can sell Bonsucro certified sugarcane-derived product to the market. The list of Bonsucro Certified members can be found here.

Bonsucro members who have achieved certification against the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard, and subsequently purchase physical Bonsucro certified products from a Bonsucro certified mill, are eligble to make an ‘on-product’ sustainability claim using the Bonsucro logo.

Bonsucro is a registered trademark.  Licenses are granted for  use by certified producers, importers, traders, distributors and other registered members of the Bonsucro programme who comply with the Bonsucro Production and/or Chain of Custody Standard.

In order to receive authorisation to use the ‘Bonsucro’ logo, the user must:

  1. Be a Bonsucro member;
  2. Agree and comply with the requirements presented in the Bonsucro Claims & Labelling Document*;
  3. Producers to hold a valid certification; and
  4. Receive approval by Bonsucro in writing.

‘Bonsucro’ is a registered trademark in the European Union, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, Norway and a trademark in other countries.

Members that currently use the logo on product are

    1. Bundaberg (Australia) – sugar packets
    2. Coles (Australia) – sugar packets
    3. Unilever (Brazil) – Kibon ice cream
    4. Guarani – sugar packets

*Please note these Guidelines will be soon undergoing a review

The Bonsucro Production Standard

The Bonsucro Production Standard address the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. To find out more about the outcomes of the Standard, please download it here.

Below are the specific issues that it addresses:

Water Management

  • Efficiency of water use
  • Quantity of water use
  • Farming yield depending on climatic zones


  • Biodiversity Loss & High Conservation Value (HCV) Areas

Environmental Impact

  • Environmental impact & management plan
  • GHG emissions and energy usage in transport
  • Agrochemicals
    • Amount applied per hectare per year
    • Banned chemicals
  • Impacts management
  • Greenfield expansion

Legal Compliance

  • Compliance with national laws

Land Rights

  • Rights to land & water usage in accordance to local law

Labour Rights

    • ILO conventions:
      • Minimum age of workers
      • Absence of forced or compulsory labour
      • Absence of discrimination
      • Respect right to form and join trade unions and/or to bargain collectively

Salary & Contracts

        • Minimum wage
        • Existence of contract

Health & Safety

        • Drinking water
        • Safety assessments
        • First aid & emergency provision

Vocational Training

Efficiencies & Profitability

  • Management tool for improved performance
  • Improved technical knowledge
  • Investment in R&D
  • Use of Bonsucro Calculator
  • Recovery of sugar
  • Industrial efficiency