Bonsucro Training

Bonsucro aims to increase and share knowledge and practices around sugarcane sustainability. For this, Bonsucro offers a host of different training options for practitioners and change to enablers the fundamentals of the Bonsucro Standards, the Bonsucro Calculator and the Bonsucro Certification. Bonsucro offers a variety of ways and languages to receive trainings. Please see below our different training options and, if you wish to find out more detailed information around our training events, including dates and prices, please contact

  • Bonsucro Technical Week
  • Introduction Training
  • Expert/Auditor Qualification Training:Chain of Custody Online Training
  • Technical Webinars
  • Private Member Trainings

Training Programmes

Introduction Training introduces the Bonsucro Certification System, focusing on the Production Standard, which contains all of the sustainability requirements for farms and mills to produce sustainable sugarcane and derived products. It is intended to allow participants to start preparing the implementation of the Bonsucro Standards within their organisation or generally learn more. Introduction training is a one day training and is held as part of the Expert/Auditor Qualification Training.

Expert/Auditor Qualification Training: The qualification training is an intensive training on the Bonsucro Certification System, covering the following:

  • Bonsucro Production Standard
  • Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard
  • Bonsucro Calculator
  • Credit Trading System
  • Certification Protocol
  • Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance with the Bonsucro Calculator

The course is conducted by Bonsucro as a three-day course, followed by an exam. The expected attendees are Technical Managers, Lead Auditors and Auditors of certification bodies, and managers responsible for the Bonsucro project at mill/agricultural level.

Private Member Training: Bonsucro is able to help member companies with specific requests to run training on the Bonsucro Production Standard, Chain of Custody and Credit Trading System. This can include briefings to members and their suppliers or customers, speaking at closed events or assistance in “rolling out” internal programmes. For further information, please contact

Bonsucro Technical Week

A series of training and consultation workshops designed to accelerate the knowledge and adoption of the Bonsucro Production Standard in Tier 1 countries (Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and India). More information on Bonsucro Technical Week will be released shortly.

Technical Webinars

From time to time, Bonsucro will offer specialised online webinars that explore in depth different facets and tools available to Bonsucro stakeholders.

  • Chain of Custody Trainings (Webinar): The Chain of Custody Standard is a set of requirements to manage the flow of Bonsucro-certified material through the supply chain. It is mandatory for producers (mills and farms) in addition to the Bonsucro Production Standard, and any downstream company that would like to make a claim on volumes of Bonsucro certified product or pass the claim on to a customer. This training is a necessary step in becoming a qualified auditor on the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard. It is also a great opportunity to become a consultant or expert-producer on implementing the Standard.
  • Production Standard Overview (Webinar): The main aim of the Bonsucro Production Standard is to promote measurable performance in key environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production and primary processing while recognising the need for economic viability. It is mandatory for producers (mills and farms) who would like to achieve Bonsucro certification.
  • Bonsucro Calculator Overview (Webinar): The Bonsucro Calculator is the central reporting tool for demonstrating compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard. This webinar is suitable for those implementing the Bonsucro Calculator on their mill or farm, and those providing audits or support services This training will cover the topics of what is the Bonsucro calculator, how do I review a Bonsucro Calculator for quality assurance and how can the Bonsucro Calculator be used to inform a corrective action plan and evaluate mill performance.
  • Bonsucro Connect Training (Webinar): Bonsucro is launching a new tool titled Bonsucro Connect in 2017. To find out more about the tool, please visit this page on our website.
Authorised Training Providers

Authorised Training Providers deliver training on Bonsucro designed by Bonsucro and adapted by the trainers.

Bonsucro is not involved in the commercial relationship between the trainers and the companies that contract their services but keeps an oversight of the system to guarantee the correct knowledge is passed to the trained companies.

The Training Providers have been selected (following strict guidelines) for their knowledge on the Bonsucro certification system and technical knowledge of the sugarcane sector.

To become a Bonsucro Authorised Trainer, please contact

Campo SA is a Brazilian company with experience in certification, auditing, consultancy and training services. Its services focus on sustainability, food safety, good manufacturing practices and traceability for agricultural products.

Our Bonsucro-dedicated team have performed audits in more than 30 different sugarcane mills, and based on the knowledge acquired, Campo SA develops and conducts training sessions for companies interested in gaining knowledge on Bonsucro and/or looking for Bonsucro certification.

In addition, Campo SA also carries out diagnostic services, gap assessments on present conditions in mills or suppliers based on Bonsucro’s requirements, and consulting services to help companies that need to make adjustments before requesting an official audit.


Camila Reinert :

Telephone: +55 19 98223-8000       +55 19 99942-6450

CU_1_Logo_smallControl Union Certifications is a worldwide certification body with a main focus on sustainability. We offer a one-stop-shop for a wide range of certification programs in agriculture, food, feed, forest products, textiles and bio energy. Our programs are managed in a decentralised way with accreditations that reduce dependency on any one authoritative body. Key focus areas of our certification programs are food safety, sustainability, recycling, footprint and social aspects.

Due to its aim to increase the sustainability of the sugarcane market, Bonsucro is one of Control Union´s key certification programs. Control Union has been involved in the dissemination of and auditing against the Bonsucro Standard since its creation in 2011.

Based on the knowledge acquired during this process, Control Union develops and conducts training sessions for companies interested in gaining knowledge on Bonsucro.


Fabio Beltrame,

Telephone: + 55 11 3035-1600 +551130351600