Bonsucro Week 2015 – Awards

The Bonsucro Awards return for their fifth year to acknowledge, recognise and celebrate exemplary work in achieving transformative and innovative action in the sustainable sugarcane sector.

The Awards Ceremony is set to take place as part of the Annual Dinner on Thursday 29 October in São Paulo. 

Sustainability Awards

We’re now recognising outstanding work in three key areas of sustainability.

  • Continuous Improvement in Milling Practices
  • Continuous Improvement in Farming Practices
  • Buyers supporting Transformational Change

Nominations are now open for individuals and organisations who have demonstrated excellence in achieving transformative or innovative action within the sugarcane sector.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 30 September 2015.

Bonsucro Leadership Award

We are looking for the member who has been most active in promoting the goals of Bonsucro.

We will reward a Bonsucro member who the Bonsucro Secretariat feels has been the most innovative, had the most impact or has demonstrated the most leadership in promoting the development of the sustainable sugarcane sector.

Only Bonsucro Members are eligible to receive the award. The award will take into consideration the efforts made only during the past year. The award will be chosen in consensus by the Bonsucro Secretariat.

Nominate individuals or organisations for the Sustainability Awards using the form below:

Nomination form for Bonsucro Sustainability Award 2014