Bonsucro is a global non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation fostering the sustainability of the sugarcane sector through its leading metric-based certification scheme and its support for continuous improvement for members.

With an ever-increasing membership list counting nearly 200 members from 27 countries representing all areas of the supply chain, and a Board of Directors that is similarly representative of the variety of industry actors, Bonsucro is a highly robust, transparent and democratic organisation that has the resources and commitment to bring about its vision:

A sugarcane sector that is continuously improving and verified as sustainable.

Bonsucro Vision

Bonsucro Vision

Bonsucro Mission

Bonsucro fosters the sustainability of the sugarcane sector through a metric-based certification scheme and by supporting continuous improvement for members.

Bonsucro Structure

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To define globally applicable performance-based principles, criteria, indicators and standards for sugarcane production that take into account local conditions and circumstances, and that are based on a credible and transparent process that is focused on the key sustainability drivers in sugarcane production.

To promote measurable improvements in the key economic, environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production and primary processing.

To develop a certification system that enables producers, buyers and others involved in sugar and ethanol businesses to obtain products derived from sugarcane that have been produced according to agreed, credible. transparent and measurable criteria.

To support the transition of Bonsucro to an internationally accepted global platform for sugarcane and its derived products, which is financially self sustaining and which provides a forum for continuous improvement in production efficiency and sustainability.


Bonsucro is committed to 20% penetration by 2017.

Strategic Work Plan

Certify, Improve, Market, Grow

Bonsucro Strategic Work Plan