the industry change platform for sugarcane

Bonsucro’s vision is a sugarcane
sector with thriving, sustainable
producer communities and
resilient, assured supply chains.

Bonsucro’s mission is to ensure
that responsible sugarcane
production creates lasting value
for the people, communities,
businesses, economies and
eco-systems in all cane-growing

Bonsucro’s strategy builds a
platform to accelerate change
for the largest agricultural
commodity in the world –

We manage the most credible global standard for sustainable sugarcane production. We use the standard to:

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Active Network - Platform - Partnerships _Performance Improvement


Active Network - Platform - Partnerships _Impact Partnerships

Bonsucro links those who…

…care about
productivity & sustainabilityEcology Icons-01-01-04


…want to improve performance

Ecology Icons-01-01-02

…produce sugarcane & derived products

Ecology Icons-01-01-03

…buy & sell sugarcane products

Ecology Icons-01-01-01

…invest in the industry

Ecology Icons-01-01-06

…are industry experts

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Bonsucro has








representing over


of the world’s land under cane

Our focus


Assured Production


Global programmes & implementation partnerships accelerate change & certification for producers

Assured Supply Chains


A pre-competitive space for buyers and traders to promote change and develop assured supply chains

Assured Origins


Supporting the change priorities for industry, government and civil society in cane growing origins


Tools and Advice:

Programmes are backed with tools and technical outreach capability. Global monitoring and evaluation informs further programme design.

Insights Forum:

Identifying and addressing issues. Agreeing consistent approaches and change priorities.

Outcomes & Impacts:

A neutral collaboration space to support local change. Using global credibility to build investor and buyer confidence.


Programme Support:

A network of implementation partnerships, developed around four global programmes, support producers.

Increased Assurance:

Promoting consistent messaging through supply chains. Identify, track and report improved supply chain assurance.

Key issues & Opportunities:

Developing local programmes to address specific issues and opportunities.


Investment Resources:

Global ‘Inspire’ partners back programmes with resources and investment capital. Buyers support and encourage further change.

Invest in Change:

Buy certified product and credits. Invest in change projects

Investment & Technology:

Identifying global resources, technology and investment to support local change efforts.

How we accelerate change

1. Certification Fast Track

Certification Fast Track Icon_Certification Fast Track

Aimed at producers looking to getting certified as quickly as possible.

Programme focus: Capacity building support (gap audits, improvement plans, training and advice)

2. Scheme Endorsement

Scheme Endorsement Icon

Aimed at peer standards and LIPs (local improvement programmes).

Programme focus: Benchmarking and endorsement against the global framework, plus learning platforms

3. Productivity & Professionalism

Productivity & Professionalism

Aimed at producers not yet convinced of the market-based value proposition

Programme focus: New value proposition aimed at attracting preferential investment or funding

4. Smallholder Impact

Smallholder Impact Icon

Aimed at communities with large numbers of smallholders.

Programme focus: Validate, learn from, and scale programmes specifically targeting smallholders

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