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2.88% - 30 Mills - 80 Members

6 Candidate Members 

2.88% of land under cane and 30 mills are now Bonsucro Certified! Congratulations to Copersucar's Usina São Luiz” sign up to twitter @bonsucro and receive up-to-the minute news. Bonsucro in Numbers.

Bonsucro Credits Traded

Congratulations to Haywood mill for being the first mill in Australia to sell Bonsucro Credits to Ferrero.

Welcome to New Members

1st in Uganda - Sugar Corporation of Uganda (SCOUL)

SCOL was established in 1924, it is 100% owned by the Mehta family (International Investment Corporation Ltd). It comprises agricultural land of approximately 11,000 hectares, a sugar factory and a distillery.

La Concepcion S.A (Colombia)

La Concepcion S.A.  The company farms and manages (without harvesting and transport to the mill) around 210 hectares (net) in sugarcane.The company owns around 60% of the area managed while the remaining 40% is managed through lease.

6 Candidate Members

J.G Buchbach (Australia)

Australian sugarcane farmer who grows sugarcane on 85ha.

John Deere (Australia)

An agricultural machinery, irrigation manufacture and distribution company.

Puglisi Farming (Australia)

Australian cane farmer who used modern farming practices and also a pioneer cocoa grower in Australia.

Santa Cruz S/A – Acucar E Álcool (Brazil)

Santa Cruz is among the 25 largest mills in the country. The goal is to increase productivity along with better efficiency levels and investment in the improvement of its process and constant use of new technologies.  

Socicana (Brazil)

Socicana represents the suppliers of sugarcane in Guariba.  Socicana is located in the northeast state of Sao Paulo state.

First in Fiji - Sugar Research Institute of Fiji

The Institute undertakes research to improve yields in areas of variety production, crop management, crop production and also provides information where necessary to improve the farming practices of less than 50 hectares.

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Upcoming Events

India Sugarcane Stakeholder Meeting – 9 May

Senior management from leading sugar producers, end-users, intermediaries, directors of reputed sugarcane institutes and civil society in India will discuss and formulate strategies for sustainable sugar production in India .  If you have subsidaries or offices in India, please ask them to register without delay Rajesh.KumarDubey@solidaridadnetwork.org or Harsh Vivek Hvivek@ifc.org

Thailand, Level 2 Producer Training – 21 & 22 May 

This training is aimed at technical managers from the mills and is designed to give an introduction to the Certification Protocol, Production Standard, Bonsucro Calculator, Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard and Credit Trading System. Nicolas Viart, Head of Sustainability will conduct the training.  Please can you inform the mills you procure from to register with nicolas@bonsucro.com  This event is proving very popular, please secure a place and register by 13 May. 

Bonsucro in Mexico 9-11 July 

For the first time Bonsucro will officially be in Mexico!  We have put together a stellar programme commencing with a Sustainability Sugarcane Summit followed by Producer Level 2 Training for Mexican Mills. Please note we may have to limit the number of participants per company to ensure we can accommodate all companies expected at the event. Agenda and registration.

Bonsucro Week 2013

Our Annual Conference, AGM, field trip, awards dinner, stakeholder event, Board meeting and more will take place 4 –8 November 2013 in the city of New Orleans in Louisiana in the United States. More details will follow in due course, but for now, please block out the entire week if you can and plan on joining your colleagues at what is fast becoming the most progressive sugar event worldwide.

Call for Experts

Claims & Labelling Working Group

The Bonsucro sustainability label is being sought, however it’s “not yet on product”.  Bonsucro is calling for communications and marketing experts to form a working group to provide input and expert guidance for the development and revision of the Claims & Labelling requirements document.  If you have expertise in this area and would like to join please contact natasha@bonsucro.com

Next Bulletin 16 May 2013

Do you want to be profiled in the next bulletin?  Contact natasha@bonsucro.com The Bulletin is now available online for two weeks and previous editions can be found in the Members Only section.

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